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Parker Thompson

I recommend The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development to all of our clients. If you buy it and don’t think you got your money’s worth I’ll personally send you a refund.

Dan Martell

Get the CustDev book to dive deep into customer interviews and understand how your product can be developed to meet your customers’ needs.

Noah Kagan

Quickest & best way to get your head around Customer Development. Read this first and then read The Four Steps to the Epiphany.

Patrick Foley

Patrick Foley

I always recommend The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development.

Tor Grønsund

Tor Grønsund

Small but big. This handbook rocks. A must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Rob Fan

Get this book to learn how to get your customers to help you build a product that they will use and pay for.

Rich Collins

Rich Collins

Simply the best way to introduce your team to Customer Development.

Brett Durrett

This book is filled with great, practical advice in a simple-to-comprehend format. It will take you from zero to Customer Development in under an hour.

Dave Binetti

Dave Binetti

A crash-course in Customer Development and “Getting out of the building”. Buy it today.

William Belk

Willie Belk

It’s the first book I’ve seen that creates a practical framework for applying customer development. Product developers at all stages of growth are lucky to benefit from Patrick and Brant’s work.