“Focus obsessively on getting to product/market fit.”
-Marc Andreessen

Brant and Patrick regularly consult and hold workshops for startups, large enterprise & incubators.

No matter if you are just starting out or are a funded startup looking for market traction, we can help you design and implement a tailored Customer Development program that gets you on track toward finding Product-Market fit. Our CustDev program guides you through the iterations you are likely to experience:

1) What is your true value proposition from the customer’s perspective?
2) What features are core to your value proposition?
3) Which is the right market segment to focus on?
4) What messaging resonates?
5) How do you best acquire and convert your prospects?

You might get lucky and stumble into Product-Market fit. But if you don’t want to count on that, you must apply a rigorous process to iterate through these elements of your business in order to find Product-Market fit.

How Will you Get to Product-Market Fit?
1) Problem-Solution Fit

You propose and validate with prospects that a specific solution will solve a known problem to such a degree that they will buy it.
2) Minimum Viable Product

You build a product that achieves (1) and validated it with prospects.
3) Sales and Marketing funnel

You validate how to acquire and convert your market segment customers.

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